How to choose the best dildos for men

The anal pleasure is unique. All men who try do not regret it. Took a long time before trying, first with a plug and then with a dildo.Here are tips for choosing the best dildos for men.

Masturbator Dildo: The 2 In 1 Men’s Dildo

Good points: exquisite vibrations, soft silicone for the penis, charging on USB, expandable, waterproof. Instead of a simple dildo, you choose a sex toy for complete man. This model marketed on online Store really has something to seduce you.

First, let’s start with the most important: the details of the dildo for men. It measures 20 cm in length and 4 cm in diameter. This size is big enough, but does not require a huge experience to successfully put it on. Start by fingering your anus and it should go easily. If necessary, you can also put some lubricant.

It is a realistic dildo, that is to say it is a real sex by a dildo with veins. If you prefer something more neutral, especially for straight guys who want to try an erotic play with their anus, or just for practicing butt sex, and are put off by the idea of putting a “penis”, listed just below a selection of dildos for various men.

The dildo is rather flexible, which is convenient according to your position. Relatively light, its grip remains easy thanks to the wide base. His washing is very simple. After each use, I advise you to wash it with water, then to put a disinfectant specially designed for sextoys.

This dildo for men is a very good model which becomes even better with its masturbator function! You can see at the base of the dildo a small hole and a design resembling buttocks. This small slot allows you to penetrate with your sex. Admittedly, it’s not as good as a flashlight , but the sensations are still present. It is therefore an addition that is welcome!

Selection of the best male dildos

If masturbator dildo does not convince you, here is a list of dildos for men sold on web stores: top site for a discreet package and a purchase with confidence, take one that excites you most among them:

How to use his dildo for men?

You want to try a dildo, but hesitate on good situations and scenarios for a max of fun? Here is what experts advise you.

2 in 1 method: start with anal masturbation. Stimulation of the prostate quickly causes an erection. Take advantage of both hands to continue the penetration and starts a hand job classic. The double effect is too good!

Submitted method: The act of anal penetration for a man is like submission. Flora loves to do it. She sometimes uses a strap-on dildo and on other occasions, a dildo. The best is to do it doggy style or raising the legs well so that the penetration is easier. It can also be part of bondage sessions.

Method in the shower: Water is a natural lubricant and it facilitates anal penetration with the dildo. So you like to masturbate with this sextoy when in the Italian shower. In addition, the water allows you to clean the entire area before you start. This avoids finding deposits that you do not want to see on the dildo.

Three ways: With Flora, we often make plans to 3, and mostly with another woman since Flora is bi. During these evenings, you have already done cunnilingus to your darling while the other woman penetrated me with the dildo. You will be surprised to see how much girls enjoy this role.

Why choose the dildo when you are a man?

You still doubt the benefits of the dildo when you are a man. Try, good God! It’s the best thing you can do. Your dilated anus, each back and forth will give you chills that you would have imagined. In addition, a dildo for men, it is also:

  • A different masturbation. The prostate gives you sensations other than your sex.
  • A sextoy that gives you an erection of the sick.
  • A good way to extend the duration of your masturbation.
  • An intimate toy that your wife likes (finally, you need a minimum of open-mindedness).
  • A perfect training to practice sodomy if you are gay, and an ideal tool to discover the anal pleasure without sleeping with a man if you are a hetero.
  • The best sex toy possible for couple’s domination sessions.
  • A sexual accessory that is cheap and is used for years, takes up little space, cleans up quickly

Sexual performance is a mix of pride and pleasure. You can achieve with sex toys out of the ordinary, like XXL dildos! Here are tips for choosing and using them.

Godemichet XXL: the dildo to perform!

Good points: huge dildo!It provides extremely strong sensations, flexible dildo with good grip.

Want a challenge? Try to bring this huge dildo into your vagina or your anus. This black model is 34 cm long and 7 cm wide! These dimensions are huge. To be able to bring it within you, you will have to know perfectly the mechanisms of your excitement and more generally, your body. If you are not used to these feats and want to test your limits, this is exactly the sextoy you need.

If you are a woman and want to use this big dildo for your vagina, you will need your natural love juice. But, do not hesitate to put more lubricant. This is mandatory for the anus or so, if you get to do without, you have my eternal admiration. Always start by inserting one finger, then several before attempting the first penetration.

It can do a little pain, but if you have prepared well, this pain is nothing compared to your excitement. When you realize that you have succeeded, you have a real sense of pride and a furious desire to go back and forth. With such a sextoy, the sensations are increased tenfold. It has nothing to do with a classic dildo. This is really the kind of masturbation that makes you scream so much your body is surprised by the shivers rising in him and the intense pleasure provoked by the sextoy.

As often with big dildos, this model is manual no vibration but, what would they be used for what the dildo offers? It is quite flexible, which is convenient when using and facilitates handling.If you want a big dildo, but it seems too big, take the first big realistic dildo of the selection below. It is an excellent dildo with more measured proportions: 21 cm in length and 4.5 in width.