Live Tutorial

this is men’s make a sex toy shop and
today we thought we talked a little bit
about our butt plug selection now we’ve
had a lot of questions about what about
plug is and why on earth you would have
walked on it and the answers are
actually pretty simple
using a butt plug feels really good
especially as part of foreplay or if
you’re giving your partner a blowjob it
can add that extra layer of sensation
and it’s actually really quite
pleasurable if you’ve considered using
anything like this ever we do recommend
the veto as you can see these are long
narrow tip they’re rounded for easy
insertion the silicone is nice and soft
it feels really good against the skin
and these smaller units are excellent
trainers now if you’ve considered anal
sex as well a butt plug is a really good
place to start it can give you a very
gentle introduction and get your body
used to the idea of inserting something
in there and can help you see just how
pleasurable it is now we’re using the
Vito butt plug on the bang and Betty
stroker and you can see how easily that
goes in even with this small stroker
she’s pretty darn tight we saw that in
some of our earlier videos and as you
can see the button at the end makes it
really really easy to turn these on now
if we can turn Betty to the side so you
can get a better view of it she’s gonna
stick to our banner there there we go
now it does require a little bit of
force to hold it in place because your
body is normally going to try to eject
it we recommend going slow and carefully
because this is a silicone toy do use a
water-based lubricant and because you’re
using it for anal sex or anal play
you’re going to want to use either a
condom or an antibacterial cleaner and
clean it thoroughly both before and
after so you’re not introducing any
unwanted bacteria into your body
these are a great addition to your
blowjob kit you can check out ours and
see which ones that we already have
ready for you or you can build your own
from the supplies that we have online
and if you’ve ever considered anal play
as part of your lovemaking or if you
just want to try it out solo we
recommend the veto rios there are great
products at great price check it out at
wwm NSP cocom